Saturday, February 28, 2009


Brock and I were playing yesterday when he looked at me and started smacking his lips together. I didn't know what he was up to at first until he planted a big kiss on my cheek! He did it to daddy last night too!
He is such an amazing little boy. He is changing everyday. I cannot believe he is 10 months old. When did that happen? He stood by himself for a good minute this morning playing with his toys. He loves to "explore" the house now. He is just become such a little boy and not a baby. I am holding on with all I can to the tiny piece of his babyness I have left!
He is eating all table food now as well. If you bring anything pureed never him he just turns his face away. His favorite things are pancakes, mashed potatoes, and little pastas. He also really enjoys his yogurt in the morning, every bit consist of him opening his mouth really wide going "aaaahhhhh" and he finished that with a "mmmmm" when he gets the bite!
He babbles Dada all time, and Momma when he is upset or doesn't feel well. We are learning "up" right now he just reaches up and whines, so I say "up, up" and he repeats, "uuupppp" Its pretty cute. (even though it's not very clear and usually just outs like ppppp"
If you can't tell I am a proud momma. It is amazing how much I love him, and yet my love grows more and more each day.

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